328 Rue du Toucher

Harpsichord (8' 10")


Inspired by Francois Couperin's L'Art de toucher le clavecin, these three short movements draw from pitch and rhythmic gestures found in his third, second, and eighth preludes.



Percussion Ensemble  (14’ 50”)


Six short movements tell a life story in 15 minutes.  Each movement is distinct in its timbre, yet all blend seamlessly to tell a haunting story.


O What A Tango’d Web

Piano Duo (4’)


From the opening flourish to the final rousing chords, this is an exciting work that lends itself to a flashy performance.  A great way to end a concert and bring the audience to their feet!



Marimba & Pandeiro (10’ 30”)


Commissioned for the 2014 Vision of Sound program, with choreography by Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell.  This work explores the use of rhythm as melody, and melody as rhythmic drive.



World Percussion Ensemble (5’ 10")


Originally commissioned by the World Drumming Ensemble at Nottingham High School, in conjunction with the Billie Burdick Composers in Schools program.  This work follows the evolution of drumming from Guinea to Brazil to Cuba, and finally to New Orleans, LA.


Three Songs

Piano Trio (9’ 15”)


When Ovidiu Marinescu of Trio Casals asked if I had a work suitable for their upcoming CD, I jumped on the opportunity to write a new work for them. Three Songs is that work.


The first movement, Street Song, is born the discomfort of a busy, crowded city street with nameless, faceless characters moving, bumping, rushing to get to their destinations. It is relentless from start to finish. Mountain Song is the complete

opposite. It is green grass, chirping insects, and the smell of lavender drifting on the breeze. The final movement, Sky Song, brings the changing wind and a gentle spirit watching over those he left behind.