328 Rue du Toucher

Harpsichord (8' 10")


Inspired by Francois Couperin's L'Art de toucher le clavecin, these three short movements draw from pitch and rhythmic gestures found in his third, second, and eighth preludes.


Charm Bracelet

Cello (8' 15)


A series of very short movements, each showcasing different aspects of the ever agile cello.  The performer is encouraged to arrange the movements in any order they choose. The individual movements are very well suited as short encore pieces.


Endings and Beginnings

Tenor with Piano Accompaniment (6')


Our lives are an endless cycle of endings and beginnings.  Through it all, it seems a story is being told, moving from one person, to the next, to the next.  Endings are often sad, beginnings are usually exciting, and through it all, we pass our stories from one generation to the next.



Alto Flute (3’ 45”)


A short work, with some extended techniques.  This work was written in honor of the composer’s late brother.  (This work may also be performed on C Flute or Bass Flute)


Let Me Help (Piano/Vocal)

Mezzo Soprano & Piano (3')


The poem was a gift to a loved one.  Adapted from the original trio written for vocalist Kristie Collura.

Open Space

Trombone (3’ 55”)


Portraying a struggle to contain a space too wide for words, this work challenges the performer to present several distinct and separate voices, all intermingling.  The rushing opening fanfare quickly gives way to a flowing line.  That smooth landscape is soon marred, however, until the open space disappears completely once more.


Quaker Hugh (text by Maggie Rowe)

Baritone Voice with Piano Accompaniment (3’ 15”)


Text by Maggie Rowe (used with permission):  Quaker Hugh, after knocking out a Redcoat.  The conflict and personal reflection brought about by the realities of war.


Marimba & Pandeiro (10’ 30”)


Commissioned for the 2014 Vision of Sound program, with choreography by Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell.  This work explores the use of rhythm as melody, and melody as rhythmic drive.