Level: 3 (5’ 25”)


Ordinary life is disrupted by an unexpected disaster.  As the dust settles, the churchbells begin to ring, and people re-emerge to rebuild.  This work was co-written with the students of the West Genesee Middle School 8th Grade Band, and they dedicated the 2011 premiere to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


Fair Sarah

Level: 2 (3’ 55”)


Portraying a struggle to contain a space too wide for words, this work challenges the performer to present several distinct and separate voices, all intermingling.  The rushing opening fanfare quickly gives way to a flowing line.  That smooth landscape is soon marred, however, until the open space disappears completely once more.

Middle Reel

Level: 3 (3’ 15”)


Grounded in the rhythm of the traditional Irish reel, this work challenges the developing musician to listen and play independently.  With some non-traditional chord clusters in the chorale sections, it grabs the attention of both the audience and performers.


The Hour of the Raven

Level: 3  (5’ 55”)


Composed in collaboration with the West Genesee Middle School Band as part of the Bille Burdick Composers in Schools program  A storm, lonely chimes, and lines weaving in and out bring an eerie feeling to the work.

Coyote Samba

Level: 2 (3’ 45”)


Coyote Samba is the result of a year-long residency with the students at Ed Smith School in Syracuse, NY. Tasked with writing a new band work for the school’s Latin Night, the students in teacher Julie Stuetzle’s 8th grade keyboard classes spent two weeks learning about latin music and rhythms, composition methods, and then composing themes to be used in this new work. Composer in Residence Diane Jones then took those themes and utilized them in a new work to be premiered by the 5th through 8th grade band. After rehearsing the work, the band members chose the name

Coyote Samba for this new work.