String Quartet  (8' 35")


Emerging from nothing and slowly building to a frantic climax. Originally titled "Second Pass," this is a dramatic revision of that original work.


American Triptych

Mixed Ensemble (Flute, Trumpet, Violin, ‘cello,

Double Bass & Piano) (15' 15")


Commissioned by Ryan Silveira to accompany his multi-media work of the same name.  The long, flowing music accompanies four characters performing both live and on film.


Between Lies Infinite Possibilities

Violin & Piano (6’ 30”)


Commissioned by the Society for New Music as part of the Vision of Sound program of New Music and Dance.  “Yesterday is already gone, tomorrow is not yet arrived, and between lies infinite possibilities.”  Special thanks to choreographer Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell and her students for an outstanding performance.


Bottom’s Dream

Mixed Ensemble and Voice (8')


Man is but an ass . . ." declares Bottom as he wakes from his long, adventurous night.  Inspired by and with text from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, this work gives Bottom the Weaver the spotlight he so richly deserves.


(English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Viola, ‘cello, Double Bass, Voice)



Percussion Ensemble  (14’ 50”)


Six short movements tell a life story in 15 minutes.  Each movement is distinct in its timbre, yet all blend seamlessly to tell a haunting story.


Catching Up

Brass Quintet (12’ 5”)


A fast, rhythmic first movement gives way to a gentle waltz in the second, leading up to a furious tidal wave in the final movement.

Choro Samba Laranja (Duo)

Flute & Pandeiro (4’ 35”)


Based on the traditional Brazilian Choro (a popular music form in the 1930s). Fast and bouncy, listeners will feel the urge to get up and dance!

Choro Samba Laranja (Trio)

Flute, ‘cello & Pandeiro  (4’ 35”)


Based on the traditional Brazilian Choro (a popular music form in the 1930s), this work brings a new sound with the addition of the cello.  Fast and bouncy, listeners will feel the urge to get up and dance!



Baroque Flute, Baroque Violin, Viola da gamba, Baroque ‘cello & Harpsichord (11’ 20”)


Baroque Cello and Harpsichord.  Commissioned by Melomanie, this three-movement work was inspired by starry nights spent by the fire.


Language of the Cosmos

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, ‘cello & Piano (6’ 20”)


Inspired by the fabric art of Sandra Woock, the work begins in chaos.  Soon patterns begin to emerge as the music flows and changes, gently swirling and finally fading away to nothing.


Let Me Help (Trio)

Mezzo Soprano, Alto Flute & Marimba  (3’)


The poem was a gift to a loved one.  Set to music for vocalist Kristie Collura, the work is a trio rather than vocal with accompaniment.


O What A Tango’d Web

Piano Duo (4’)


From the opening flourish to the final rousing chords, this is an exciting work that lends itself to a flashy performance.  A great way to end a concert and bring the audience to their feet!



Flute Quartet (3’ 45”)


Fast and furious, this is not your standard flute quartet.


Porch Music

Flute Choir (Piccolo, C Flute, Alto & Bass)  (8’ 45”)


Sitting on a porch swing high in the Appalachia mountains, the evening sounds ebb and flow over the listener.



Shame, Guilt and Trickery

Chamber Mixed Ensemble (Flute/Alto Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Viola, Double Bass, Piano & Percussion) (5' 10")


The haunting strains of the flute soon give way to driving rhythms and melodies chasing through the ensemble.


Still Again

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, 'cello, Percussion & Narrator (12’ 20”)


Commissioned for the grand opening of the Matilda Joslyn Gage House.  Five short movements use the speeches and writings of Gage as inspiration.


Three Songs

Piano Trio (9’ 15”)


When Ovidiu Marinescu of Trio Casals asked if I had a work suitable for their upcoming CD, I jumped on the opportunity to write a new work for them. Three Songs is that work.


The first movement, Street Song, is born the discomfort of a busy, crowded city street with nameless, faceless characters moving, bumping, rushing to get to their destinations. It is relentless from start to finish. Mountain Song is the complete

opposite. It is green grass, chirping insects, and the smell of lavender drifting on the breeze. The final movement, Sky Song, brings the changing wind and a gentle spirit watching over those he left behind.




World Percussion Ensemble (5’ 10")


Originally commissioned by the World Drumming Ensemble at Nottingham High School, in conjunction with the Billie Burdick Composers in Schools program.  This work follows the evolution of drumming from Guinea to Brazil to Cuba, and finally to New Orleans, LA


Woodwind Waltz

Wind Quintet (4’ 50”)


Exactly as the title suggests, a waltz from beginning to end.  A minor beginning soon moves to a fugal section, with an almost chorale-like ending.