The Latest from Diane Jones

Here's a question for you.  What do you do at 3am on your day off?  I know what I was doing.


I was on a Skype session to Moscow.  And it was incredible!  Trombonist Haim Avitsur and conductor Ovidiu Marinescu were in the studio with the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra, recording "Dreamcatcher" for Haim's upcoming CD, "Neue Kraft Fulend."  It was an amazing session, and every single participant was giving 100%.  The producer, Pavel Lavrenenkov (who happens to be a fellow flutist!) was fantastic, and Sylvia Ahramjian did a yeoman's job as liaison between me and the folks in the studios.  I've already received the first edit from the session, and I couldn't be more pleased.  I'll give you details on the release date as soon as they are confirmed!


I'm working out details for the next project right now.  I don't want to say too much, since it is still in the planning stages, but (fingers crossed) it will mean a repeat collaboration with some great musicians.

On the radio side of things, “Feminine Fusion” is still going strong!  If you'd like to listen, you can tune in live or stream on the web every Sunday afternoon at 1pm (Eastern).  Details about each upcoming episode are published on the link above.  And if you are a woman involved in the classical music world, I'd love to hear your music!  You can contact me through this site, or through my radio Facebook page, Diane Jones On The Air.


I'm continuing to perform with Samba Laranja, and I just finished subbing with the     Onondaga Civic Symphony Orchestra     for a wonderful performance of the Saint-Säens Symphony No. 3.  And we are looking to include a Contrabass feature for the Spring concert with the Central New York Flute Choir .


Look for more updates in the weeks and months to come!