The Latest from Diane Jones

What a year it has been!  So much has happened, it’s hard to keep track of it all.  As we transition into the new year, it seems appropriate to take a look at all that’s happened, and what is on the horizon.


I’ve been full-time at WCNY Classic FM here in Syracuse for a little over a year now, and I still look forward to every new day.  I’ve had a blast meeting and interviewing so many people involved in the arts, both locally and nationally.  I leave every conversation with new knowledge and a real appreciation for the hard work these individuals put in to bringing the arts to as wide an audience as possible.


I’ve also introduced a new program into our lineup.  “Feminine Fusion” is a weekly one-hour program, aired every Sunday at 1pm on WCNY, that celebrates the women of classical music who “create, perform, and inspire.”  Each week, I take a different look at just a few of these remarkable women - conductors, teachers, performers, even poets and friends who help to ignite a creative spark - and play their music.  We hope to be in syndication next year as well.  (If you’re interested in my radio activities, please visit my radio Facebook page, Diane Jones On The Air.)


It’s been a great year musically as well.  “Elemental Suite” received three wonderful performances as part of the Vision of Sound program.  “Woman A/Part” also received two performances, as well as airing on the radio program, Fresh Ink.  And my biggest project this year, “Dreamcatcher,” a trombone concerto for Haim Avitsur.  He will be traveling to Moscow in January 2017, along with my good friend, conductor Ovidiu Marinescu, to record this and several other trombone concerti for a new CD to be released in 2017.


Next up is a new piece for Contrabass Flute with Flute Choir, which we hope to premiere this Spring.  I’ve also been approached for some additional collaborations, but it is far to early to tell you anything more about those just yet.


I'm continuing to perform as well.  You can hear me with Samba Laranja, the Central New York Flute Choir, and I'll also be joining the Onondaga Civic Symphony Orchestra for their February performances.