The Latest from Diane Jones

The air is crisp, the temperature is dropping, and music is all around!


I was in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, in the studio with Trio Casals as they recorded "Woman A/Part."  The session went smoothly, and I loved what I heard throughout the day.  The folks at Parma have already sent the first edit, along with some beautiful cover art, and I am ecstatic!  The CD release will be marked by another concert at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall next May, so if you're looking for an excuse to visit New York City, here's your chance!


Next up is a new piano solo for the next Vision of Sound program.  I'm excited to work with choreographer Christina D'Amico for the first time, and pleased to be contributing to this collaborative performance event for the fourth time.


On the performance end of the spectrum, I've had the privilege of playing "J.C. Dist" by Jelle Hogenhuis in three concerts in the last several months.  Jelle built my contrabass flute, and this is a work he wrote for contrabass flute with flute choir.  The Central New York Flute Choir has done a fantastic job, and the audiences are really enjoying the piece.  I hope to have a recording available soon, so you can enjoy it as well.


On the radio side of the world, Feminine Fusion is in its second season and going strong.  Each week I am honored to highlight the accomplishments of women in the classical music world, and the listener feedback has been tremendously positive.  I've also been interviewing some great folks in the arts community during the weekday Classic Choices program.  If you'd like to learn more, you can find out all about Feminine Fusion here, and listen to archives of many of the interviews here.


Happy listening!