Diane Jones loves writing for and collaborating with performers.  With compositions performed by Mélomanie, The Relâche Ensemble, The Da Capo Chamber Players, Trio Casals, and Flautet, Diane's music reflects her rich, eclectic influences and her love of line and rhythm.  Diane has been commissioned by Mélomanie, the Society for New Music, and the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, among others.  She is featured as both composer and performer on three Samba Laranja CDs, two of which (Native Orange in 2011 and Pathways in 2015) have won SAMMY awards.  Her "Three Songs," recorded by Trio Casals and released on their CD " Moto Continuo " has been broadcast throughout the US and internationally.  Her latest large work, "Dreamcatcher" for trombone and orchestra, is included on "Neue Kraft Fulend," a new CD from trombonist Haim Avitsur and conductor Ovidiu Marinescu, and "Woman A/Part" will be released in May, 2018 on Trio Casals' newest CD, "Moto Bello."


In addition to her work with professional musicians, Jones has completed five residencies in Syracuse area middle schools.  Not only do the students have the excitement of presenting a world premiere, they get to experience and influence the entire composition process.  She has collaborated with choreographers Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell and Christina D'Amico for four Vision of Sound performances, and with filmmaker and director Ryan Silveira for both live and recorded projects.


Diane is the mid-day host on WCNY-FM, Central New York's Classical Radio Station, and the host and producer of "Feminine Fusion," a weekly program highlighting women in the classical music world.  She is past President of the Society for New Music, and her music has been featured on Fresh Ink, the weekly new music broadcast produced by the Society.


A recipient of the Billy Joel Fellowship, a fellowship with the Chamber Music Institute at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and awarded the prestigious Grace F. and Theodore Berger Award from the University of Delaware, Diane has also been inducted into Pi Kappa Lambda, the music honor society.  Active as a performer as well as a composer, Diane regularly performs with Samba Laranja and the Central New York Flute Choir.  She has played flute and piccolo in regional orchestras, and was one half of the flute duo, Flutes of Fancy.


Diane is privileged to have studied with outstanding composers Daniel S. Godfrey, Nicolas Scherzinger, and Jennifer Margaret Barker.